Some people they are just very lucky, they could exactly knows that what they want or what they need. Some people they work hard but in vain , some got lucky.Some people can find the one easily or love some one madly but I have no idea why I just cant. Or for love, I still too silly and unpractical. I am a loser.Today I just saw Mel’s blog, she is a lovely American girl, visited Taiwan alone to learning Chinese. What a brave girl! When she first came here she could barely speak any Chinese, but she wasn't that scared though she was determined to speak Chinese.

I've been to Spain this summer,i tried to practice my Spanish just same as her purpose. well , in fact I was totally freaked out, it was too diffenent from United Kindom and I'm not ready to learn new culture, new language. Mel sure did inspire me a lot in many ways.

Now she plans on living in Taiwan for the rest of her life.its so determined and clearly. I feel so happy to her and a little bit envy her, I guess wandering is congenial to my nature. i wandering everywhere even in my hometown. I always hope that i can find somewhere I belong.The first time I get lost in the nothingness inside of me was i just back form New York, I spent around 1 years to cure the wound. Life is struggle, but don't live it for anyone else but you. I know i'm not the only person with these things in mind,and i guess im going to keep wandering, the next journey im planing to visit Italy.

I start a new space to write something, just like Chester's lyric said: "i wanna heal. i wanna feel like i'm close to something real, i wanna find something i've wanted all along.' For me, writing is kind of treatment to cure,

Before i forget, i will try my best to record everything i want and enjoy every single day.







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Before I Forget

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